They are aiming to the best presentation of your fabrics in a very usable, light and lower cost way.

Usually come in smaller size than books but they give the best result in the presentation of large pieces of fabric when the pattern (e.g. stripes or big designs) is important.

They give the flexibility to be filled with small or big pieces of fabrics.

Also they can be easily packed and send to your retail customers.


 Silk Screen Printing

 Our Sample Hangers can have any color of your choice and be made from various materials:


5D: New embossed printing technique. 

Gives impressive results when GRAPHIC DESIGNS have details and require high precision.

 Emboss stamp:


 Offset Printing

Infinite possibilities using offset printing method:






We make Sample Hangers in many different shapes and forms:


And of course we can cut, prepare and fill the hangers with your samples: