As manufacturers we can produce everything, based on your needs, using high quality raw materials, high tech equipment and specialized personnel.

We are focusing on high quality which we offer without any rebates in the best possible price.

In order to achieve that we have organize our suppliers, our production line and our work shifts, for the moment, in the best possible way, although the process of improvement and getting better never stops. 

We have available for you a significant variety of raw materials, colors and ideas to serve your requirements.

Thus our final product will meet your standards in any case.

We can use for the body of your product thin or thick cardboard or externally plastic-paper, or textile-paper in various colors, or offset printed paper depending on your choice.

We can print on the sample folders, hangers or any other unit, using Hot-print or Silkscreen-print, Embossed printing and 5D printing.

Also you can choose for hanging, metallic hook or a string, or something else you will choose from our variety of materials.

Metallic protections, for additional decoration, at the corners in suitable color can be used on your items.

The glue we use is high resistant to heat and cold.

For even better adhesion there are two kinds of glue that we use, hot and cold with the same bonding capabilities, depending on the material you want to use inside the Sample Folder.  

If you need us to deliver, filled with fabrics, Sample Folders, in order to insure the best presentation, we use, between the fabric layers, white or transparent films, which improve the stability of the samples and can be printed with the label of each fabric.

Notice also that all of our raw materials are Non Toxic and comply with E.E. standards.

The form the shape and the color of the sample folder can be done either in accordance with your existing Sample Folder, or to be redesigned and maybe improved even further by our specialized personnel.

It easy also for us to produce a sample based on your sample and send to you in order to check our quality before you confirm your order.

Finally we would like to inform you that due to our experience and equipment the wastage of fabric is less as possible.